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At Real Food From The Ground Up, we like to keep it real – from our ingredients to our message. Why? Because we’re real people too! We know the daily struggle to make good snack choices, and that’s why we’re raising the snack bar with our plant-based snack family.

Our snacks are packed with REAL Cauliflower to give you more of what you love - MORE flavor, MORE crunch, and MORE bites per serving. Everyone should live healthier and snack happier without any ‘snack-rifices’... come along and let’s get our snack on.

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Made with Real Cauliflower

Are your snacks Non-GMO?
No GMO’s here! All our snacks are Non-GMO Project Verified because we’re all about giving you the highest quality products. Click here to learn more
Are your snacks Gluten-Free?
Yup! All our snacks are Gluten Free Certified by GFCO (Gluten Free Certification Organization). For more info, check out the guidelines HERE
Are your snacks Vegan?
Yup! All our snacks are certified Vegan (woohoo!) For more info, check out the guidelines HERE
Where can I get my hands on your snacks?
Check out our store locator to find a retail store near you or start shopping online now!