Recently, Liz & her husband hit the road for a return-to-nature road trip of a lifetime. We had the chance to chat with her about why they went, where they’re going next, and all things snacks.

What made you decide to pack up and hit the road?
Our lease was up in New York, and we were desperately craving a connection with nature after sheltering in place for the early stages of the pandemic. We foresaw the physical distancing lasting a while into the future, so we thought: if we can't see the people we love, why not self-isolate in beautiful nature? Our first stop was rural Colorado, and we haven't looked back since! We stay in each new location for a little more than a month, which has proven to be a nice time to get to know an area.
What are your go-to road trip essentials?
I shared a whole IG post about my road trip essentials, but the two keys are: a good book on tape (it makes time pass so much faster!) and ALL the snacks. Honestly, I snack partially on road trips to alleviate hunger, and partially just to beat back boredom.
What is your favorite Real Food From The Ground Up snack?
I really couldn't just pick just one, which is why I love the Butternut Squash sampler pack so much! It's perfect for the season and includes Butternut Squash Cinnamon Stalks which have my heart – they taste like churros!! Use code 20OCT20 for 25% off at checkout!
Where are you headed next?
We're off to Sedona! I've never been to Sedona, but I hear that it has magical, healing vibes, and the house we're staying in is in one of the vortexes. I'm excited to hike and meditate and just be still for the month, especially amidst all of the chaos that's currently happening in the world. I'm actually staying right by the Whole Foods, which makes me way more excited than it should (all the better to stock up on my Real Food From The Ground Up snacks, m'dear!).
What is your favorite Fall inspired recipe?
Right now, I'm obsessed with all the baked goods, there's something about baking that just feels so cozy and seasonal. I’m actually working on a REALLY fun new healthy fall dessert coming up with the Real Food From The Ground Up pretzels, so stay tuned!
Has being on the road taught you anything new about yourself?
I think the biggest thing I've learned is my deep connection with nature, and how different my mental health is when I have regular access to it. Smelling the trees, feeling the earth beneath my bare feet—these simpler pleasures were available, but harder to access in my NYC life. While I love my long hikes, even a ten minute walk staring at blue skies and breathing in all of the beautiful, verdant scents is enough to instantly calm me.
Is there anything you miss about “home”?
Honestly, I think of every new place we are as home! Having Zack and Bella makes a huge difference. We unpack and settle in quickly, and it's amazing how fast the new place feels like "ours." I love having our homes and then getting to explore new ones—it feels like the best of both worlds!
Would you do this all over again? Would you do anything different?
Well, we're currently planning on doing it at least through next summer, so we're clearly loving it and would definitely recommend! The only thing I'd do differently is to lighten our load—we're consolidating and minimizing as we figure out what we REALLY need, and it makes the packing/unpacking process.

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